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So how did I become a photographer?

Well, it all started with a Barbie, some stuffed animals and a gray and pink Le Click Camera circa 1986.  That’s how far back I can remember photography being a passion of mine.

Even as I pursued a career in film and stage in NYC, I always had my camera. Upgrading of course from the Le Click.

Then I moved back to Columbus and gave birth to my daughter. I fell in love with every part of my little girl and wanted to capture every moment.

Taking every photography class I could and studying with amazing portrait and wedding photographers, I transformed my passion into a career.

In 2007, my life changed again when I meet, Jon, the love of my life. A still photographer, film maker and all around Renaissance man, Jon captured my heart. We married in 2008 and have photographed weddings together even since. I love the emotion and romance of things. He’s the one that calms me and reminds me of the details.

I love capturing the spirit of all my subjects from adults to newborns. I love the range of emotions in a wedding and the little world of the child. These are the things that fill me with joy and hope. They are the beautiful parts of our world.  Quiet moments…big laughs…tears…these are the images I live for. To capture the beauty of these sweet, brief moments through the artistic eye is what I continue to strive for every time I pick up my camera.