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Before every session, I ask parents to tell me about their kids: what they love to do, what makes them laugh, and what milestones they have a achieved.  This summer, this little girl (who I have photographed since she was a newborn), learned to blow bubbles and get her face in the water. So, we went to her favorite place-the pool!  It was so much fun and I cannot wait to meet her baby brother this winter and eventually join the family to do some of his favorite things.


So, I spent an evening with this adorable family a few weeks ago.  The girls got to do all of their favorite things: make pizza, play with bubbles, eat ice cream, and go to the park.  Then we captured their bedtime routine which Mom wanted to remember. It was a perfect night and made me miss my daughter at this age.  It goes by so fast. Enjoy every minute.


Hi everyone!

Over the past few years, I have been working on some new options for all of you and your beautiful families. It’s hard to believe, but I have been photographing kids for about 10 years! Over that time, I have also been raising my daughter who is now 14. It’s crazy! High school awaits! So, my penchant for nostalgia is only growing as I see my little girl develop into an independent young woman. (Hopefully, not too fast!!) My years of photographing families and being a mom have made me understand what I love to capture in my client’s lives and in my own. My favorite moments are always the ones where kids are just being themselves. It still amazes me that a little, sweet smelling ball of a baby can develop so fast into a unique and fascinating person.

So, I am so excited to finally have a name for my very favorite sort of session:
Storytelling Sessions!


Storytelling sessions are all about you. Whether you invite me over for Saturday breakfast, an evening playing games together, or a special bedtime routine. I tell the story of your family as you are right now. Some images capture connections while others capture details: the everyday things that we think will last forever, but change so quickly. No need to pick out matching outfits or bribes for your 2 year old! I just photograph your family as you are right now, doing things that you love to do together. I want to artistically document all of your beautiful, messy memories. Click here to view my morning with the Farnham family to get an idea of what a session looks like.

Drop me a line at or call 614.465.650 to get more information on these new sessions and to book! Summer is a great time for storytelling sessions. Sprinklers, baby pools, trips to the park are all wonderful ideas. Warm summer days and evening are full of beautiful moments!

Also, stay tuned for new storytelling first year and newborn plans!


This styled shoot to introduce BOHINDI bride was a romantic’s dream come true. The jewelry, the light, the color all swirled together to make some dreamy images.  Of course, all of these things were set into motion by a great team of creative women.

Production Design/Creative Direction: Amy from Alchemy Styled

Jewelry/headpieces: BOHINDI

MUA: Leigh Ann of Make You 614

Hair: Sarah of The Blowout Bar
Cake: Miam Cake
Bouquet: Rose Bredl
Invite Suite/Print Material: Ink and Ivory
Tabletop: Anthropologie 
Table/benches: Rework Furnishings